Dev: Release 6.2.12 Postponed

Hopefully you’ve been following the development of release 6.2.12. Due to the fact that the office will be closed for two weeks starting next Monday as well as other reasons, it would not be wise to do a release today if support would be limited. So the new date for the 6.2.12 release is Tuesday, December 6th.

Below is what’s currently being worked on now for the upcoming release.

  • #8: Better integration throughout the system to generate better logs. In some instances, the administrator will receive an email on critical issues.
  • #9: Fixes a bug where using a deprecated mysql_* function was a mistake. Should have been using PDO.
  • #10: Makes it easier for faculty, staff and students to contact the system administrator if they need their password reset.
  • #11: Enhanced security for logged in cookies.
  • #12: Three tables merged into one. This was long overdue.
  • #13: New Academic Level screen.
  • #6: Create business policies with business rules.

Before next Monday, you will have a chance to download and play with the development version of 6.2.12. This is only to be used for testing, so that you can use Github to post any issues, bugs or enhancements. Once it is available for download, an announcement will be posted to this site.