Dev: Release 6.2.11

The development for release 6.2.11 is underway. If this site and Trac is not on your radar. It is time to put it at the top of the list. Especially if you are actively using eduTrac SIS (etSIS). It’s open source and any changes made affects you. Some changes are needed and beyond control and others can be negotiated. Therefore, your opinions matter. Below is what’s currently being worked on now for the upcoming release.

  • #61: Desktop notifications is a cool new feature and is needed now that some processes will be pushed to a queue.
  • #62: The new logger API will tremendously help developers with troubleshooting.
  • #63: NodeQ will help with background processes.
  • #64: Even though the preferred method is by doing database migrations using the command line, the database upgrade screen will be added back in. (Postponed until next maintenance release.)
  • #65: The purge email queue route was missing. This will be added in for the upcoming release.

#63 will affect the following in release 6.2.11:

  • Reset Password
  • New user login details
  • CSV to Email (Saved Query Module)
  • Change of Address Form (myeduTrac Extended Module)
  • Email to Students (Gradebook Module) (Postponed until next maintenance release.)
  • Acceptance Letter (myeduTrac Extended Module) (Postponed until next maintenance release.)